Thanks to everyone who joined Central Westcoast Forest Society and Surfrider Pacific Rim in a collaboration clean-up at Kennedy Lake last Saturday, on Feb 16th! We had 90 folks come and join this glorious sunny day, covering a vast area of the backroads. Through the collective effort, 7520 kg of waste was removed from the backroads, and this is not even including vehicles! We recycled as much of this waste as possible, trying to divert as much from landfill as we could.

Through this clean, we have been able to highlight the issue of illegal dumping within the Kennedy Flats Watershed, and make the connection clear between how waste on land can become marine debris in the ocean.

Thanks to Jamie-Lee Mock and Laurie Taylor for the photos! Thanks to Mike Lewis for being the Surfrider lead on this clean. Thanks to the sponsors of the clean: Jamie’s Whaling Station, Beyond the Bar, The Blue Room, the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District and the West Coast Landfill! Of course, thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who joined and made the day possible!

Trash trends: 7520 kg of waste!