Multi Use Paths play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by providing an alternative to vehicle transportation. On Earth Day we celebrated what the MUP does for us and for the Earth by giving back! The MUP was in dire need of a clean-up, and we wanted to remove all the single-use plastic and other litter from the ditches before it traveled down waterways and made its way to the ocean. The Earth Day theme this year is “Protect Our Species” so let’s continue to do what we can to keep all this harmful human waste away from the wildlife who share the Earth with us!

Thanks to the over 50 incredible volunteers who braved the wind and rain to collect some of the nastiest trash we have ever seen! Among the volunteers there were several teams from resorts who got out there early in the day on a very busy long weekend to contribute to the clean up effort. We couldn’t have done it without you! And thanks to Clover Fedoriuk-Russell for taking some awesome pictures in what must have been horrible conditions!

We found an incredible amount of single use plastic, beer cans, and general litter, most of which was too deteriorated to be recycled. In total, we collected 419 lbs of garbage which included 2650 pieces of single-use plastics. This really highlights why we need municipal bylaws to reduce the amount of single-use plastic takeaway items available in our region. We want to thank the District of Tofino and the District of Ucluelet for their courage, commitment, and ingenuity in tackling this issue!

We would like to thank our partners: Jamie’s Whaling Station for sponsoring the LYBC program, and the Wickaninnish Inn‘s Green Team for organizing this clean with us and providing some incredible treats for the volunteers! We would also like to thank the Botanical Gardens, Hotel Zed and Jamie’s Whaling Station for letting us use their lawns for our volunteer and trash sorting stations. And, Tofino Brew Co. and Lil Ronnie’s Backyard BBQ who provided free beer and 50% off on BBQ for our volunteers. Thank you!

MUP trash trends:

Styrofoam volume 2.25 cubic feet
Hard plastics 3.75 cubic feet (30.5 lbs)
Plastic bags/food wrappers/soft plastics 808 pieces (21.5 lbs)
Plastic bottles 39
Cigarette butts 1593!!!
Plastic straws 22
Plastic six-pack holders 2
Plastic lighters 6
Plastic bottle caps 54
Plastic cups 18
Plastic cutlery 11
Paper/cardboard 54
Dog poop bags 43
Metal cans: 39
Glass bottles/containers 54
Sharps: 50
Coffee cups: 40
Coffee cup lids: 63
Cigarette packs: 5