On Saturday, March 23rd, Surfrider Pacific Rim collaborated with Emerald Sea Protection Society and the Ucluelet Aquarium for a ghost fishing gear and debris dive around 1st Street Dock! As we know, it is estimated that only about 10% of debris that enters the ocean is expelled on to shorelines, leaving a majority of pollution to lie below the surface, causing damage to marine ecosystems and threatening the livelihoods of marine animals. Four divers from Emerald Sea collected underwater debris around 1st Street Dock, which the Ucluelet Aquarium then handled – removing marine species so they could return safely to the sea. From here, Surfrider volunteers sorted and recycled the materials!

A total of 1,294 kg, or 1.294 tonnes of material was removed – and only 13 kg was sent to landfill, the rest has been recycled!

The power of collaboration persists, from last month’s backroad’s cleanup with Central Westcoast Forest Society – to this months underwater cleanup with Emerald Sea and the Ucluelet Aquarium, we have collectively shown how we can magnify our impact by working together. Thanks to Jamie’s Whaling Station for believing in this vital work by funding the Love Your Beach Clean Program, thanks to all of the incredible volunteers who spent their day at the cleanup, thanks to Long Beach Auto for assistance in pulling debris out of the water, thanks to Common Loaf Bakeshop for supplying so many great snacks, and finally – thanks to fantastic photographer Clover June for these stunning photos!

Trash Trends:
20 shopping carts
19 tires
3 super sacs of styrofoam
1/2 super sac of glass bottles
3/4 super sac of rope
1 1/2 super sac of plastic
12 buoys
5 oyster crates
3 crab traps