On the first day of December, the Pacific Rim crew hosted a holiday clean up at the West Street dock! Twenty-one folks showed up to volunteer, cleaning the low tide line of marine debris, collecting litter around the dock, and pulling debris out of the rock walls! 16 lbs of rope was collected, along with 27.5 lbs of plastic – most of which was small plastic wrappers. A total of 176 lbs was collected and removed! This clean was a great reminder to avoid overconsumption during the holiday season, along with finding alternatives to excess packaging and plastics. Thank’s to Jamie’s Whaling Station for sponsoring this program, HI hostel for the muffins, Summit Bakery for the amazing snacks, Maria-Elena for leading the clean, and all the great volunteers who joined and restored this beautiful area!

Trash Trends:
24 pieces of styrofoam
338 cigarette butts
357 pieces of plastic
25 rope and fishing items
Tire: 21 lbs
Rope: 16 lbs
Hose 3.5 lbs
Glass: 12 lbs
Metal: 40 lbs
Plastic: 27.5 lbs
Landfill: 56 lbs

Total: 176 lbs