On New Years Day, 2019, the Surfrider Pacific Rim team hosted the annual Polar Bear Swim in Tofino on North Chesterman Beach! The event was equipped with a bonfire, educational and refreshments tent as well as beach yoga with Tofino Yoga! Over a hundred folks came out to take the icy plunge, and warmed up their bodies with a beach clean! This is truly the way to start the year off right, with an awakening run into the ocean, and an act of giving back to the ocean, beaches and waves.

Here is what we found:

plastics: 86 small and medium pieces
foam: 155 pieces
cigarette butts: 12
10 dog poop bags
microplastics: 6llbs
rope: 10 lbs
glass: 15
fireworks: 12 lbs
total weight: 45 lbs