Surfrider Pacific Rim and Ucluelet Secondary School invite students from Hamilton to join us for a day of beach cleaning, discussing where waste comes from, the effects it has in the ocean, environmental issues they are concerned with, making art, cooking waste free BBQs, and putting their own campaign and events together!

Thanks to our YES sponsors Clayoquot Biosphere Trust and Vans!!! Without sponsors we cannot put together these great connections.

Thanks to Best Western Tin Wis Resort for hosting us and keeping us warm! And HUGE props to Surfrider Youth coordinator and USS teacher Jason Sam, and Surfrider volunteers Jeh Custerra, Nancy Woods, Sarah Greenwood and all the students that took part in such a fantastic day of awareness and discussion on the different issues we are effected with in our towns.

Special thanks to Joe Martin for the amazing salmon BBQ demonstration and feeding lots of hungry mouths delicious salmon! Thanks to Jamie’s Whaling Station & Adventure Centres for the reusable bottle donation for all the students!

Total marine debris items collected by 46 volunteers in 60 minutes 1925!!! 
Most common items found?