Surfrider Pacific Rim and Nanaimo Science collaborated to bring program ‘Trash to Treasure’ to the Ucluelet High School. The goals of the program were to raise awareness of the impact of pollution on the environment, specifically plastics. This program empowered students to become environmental stewards!

During the program students achieved the following:

  1. Became guardians of the environment
  2. Cleaned up local beaches including Way Point, Big Beach and the Ucluelet Harbour
  3. Quantified debris data
  4. Learnt about plastics, and the effects of pollution on marine animals and the ocean
  5. Worked with their class to create an art display from all of the debris they collected

Students worked together on an art display as a class, with the help and guidance of Surfrider volunteers, high school teachers together they created The Jellyfish Project.

Check the Beach Clean data here: Ucluclet Harbour Clean Up Data