Thanks to the support of our wonderful coastal community, in May 2019, Surfrider Pacific Rim supported the Districts of Tofino and Ucluelet to implement a bylaw banning plastic straws and bags in both towns. Now, our organization is working to create an Ocean Friendly Corridor between Ucluelet and Tofino by addressing plastic pollution in the Pacific Rim region. Our goal to eliminate all polystyrene takeaway containers and plastic/bioplastic cutlery by March 22nd, 2020, with the larger vision of  eliminating all single-use plastic takeaway packaging by 2022.

Following the campaign completion, we will approach both the District of Tofino and District of Ucluelet and request they add plastic cutlery and polystyrene containers to their Single-Use Plastics Regulation.

For polystyrene, we are asking businesses to make the following changes to join the Forget the Foam Campaign:

  1. Eliminate polystyrene takeaway containers

  1. Supply reusable containers, allow guests to bring in their own containers for takeaway

  2. Supply backyard compostable containers (paper, sugarcane) for a fee

For cutlery, we are asking businesses to make the following changes to join the Cut the Cutlery Campaign:


  1. Voluntarily eliminate plastic cutlery

  2. Supply reusable cutlery for in-house use (if applicable)

  3. Offer takeaway cutlery on request only


  1. Offer bamboo or wooden compostable cutlery for a fee ($0.25). This can be modelled similar to businesses who charge for bags or coffee cups, which will disincentivize the consumer and help businesses recoup the cost of the takeaway packaging

  2. Sell reusable cutlery for a fee ($1.00)