The successful Surfrider Pacific Rim Straws Suck Campaign asked all 41 business with plastic straws in Tofino to eliminate them by Earth Day 22nd April 2016, and we succeeded! Check out the press coverage HERE. In Tofino, you can now expect all business to:

  • stop using plastic straws
  • only give straws on request
  • provide biodegradable/compost straws

Surfrider Pacific Rim supports healthier relations between communities and the ocean environment. From research gathered, one of the main preventative measures is elimination of single use plastics. From beach clean ups to campaigns, the community can come together to expand awareness and create positive change.

Single use plastic is an overwhelming norm in our daily lives; its hard to escape its omnipresence. The Straws Suck Campaign is helping people to perceive the tangible changes needed to eliminate single use plastic in every day existence. At this point we really cannot defend the use of plastic like straws if we are going to claim that we care about the ocean. There is an outstanding number of passionate and talented individuals who are stoked to be a member of this collective, which is of course founded by our spectacular settings. We have a real opportunity here to become more ecologically conscious and set standards that can influence the diversity of people that travel here. Through travellers and the increasing amount of media attention, Tofino will continue to be a trendsetter for other places to follow. This means what we do has the chance to become popular in other municipalities, and we are using this power to positively transform our community, businesses, and environment!

Let’s end the consumption of single use plastic, starting with straws, and leading to other products like bags, utensils, and plastic bottles. 

We invite everyone to let their server know they have pledged to the STRAWS SUCK campaign, and request for NO PLASTIC STRAW in your drink. It’s up to everyone in the community to take part in ensuring this campaign remains a success, so practice being a  peaceful activist and always ask your local business if you are not sure if they have stayed committed to the campaign. We are all in this together, one slurp at a time.

Have a look at all the awesome businesses in Tofino that [definitely]don’t suck!

If you are a business struggling to find resources or are finding the campaign difficult to stick to, please let Surfrider Pacific Rim help! Email volunteer Connor Paone for support and help anytime!

Take this campaign to your town and see how easy it is to make change email for campaign info and resources!