Stitch ‘n’ Beach began as an event to raise awareness for our “BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag” campaign with the goal to create 1000 reusable bags before the Whale Festival kick-off in March, 2017. We surpassed that goal, and continued to make reusable bags for the Tofino Co-op and Ucluelet Co-op, making it easier for customers to say no to single-use plastic checkout bags. Soon thereafter, both Co-ops joined the movement by eliminating plastic bags from their checkouts in June and October 2017!

Stitch ‘n’ Beach continues on as a program led by Surfrider Pacific Rim Vice-Chair Kelby Morris. The Stitch ‘n’ Beach crew continues to make reusable grocery and produce bags out of donated textiles, but also runs workshops like “Fix it, Don’t Ditch it” to raise awareness of the importance of mending and repairing clothing instead of tossing and buying new. The group often holds workshops to make beeswax wrap as an alternative to single use plastics like zip-lock bags and saran wrap, and around the holidays, they can teach you how to make Furoshiki reusable gift wrap, and festive fabric decorations like stockings and Christmas tree ornaments!

Check out our Event Calendar or join the Facebook group “Surfrider Stitch n Beach” to find out when the next event is happening! Events alternate every month between Tofino and Ucluelet. No sewing experience necessary, we have machines and supplies, and will teach you what you need to know! Snacks and refreshments provided! Children are welcome to attend! To find out more, or to share ideas and collaborate, email Kelby Morris at