Surfrider Pacific Rim brings a fun interactive class to high school students to encourage conversations about what sustainability actually means in our everyday lives. In this class, students learn about the Ocean Friendly Business Campaign, which has the aim of assisting businesses to eliminate single use plastics, implement progressive recycling practices, and implement ocean friendly operations. Students had the opportunity to work with their own business in Ucluelet, conduct an audit, and prepare recommendations for how business can meet OFB campaign criteria. The goal of this class is to:

  • Teach students about the purpose of a campaign and how campaigns are executed and achieved
  • The purpose of environmental audits and how to conduct an audit
  • The impact single use plastics is having on our environment, and how consumers and businesses can work together to enact positive change
  • Educate students on waste management, challenges businesses, schools and municipalities face, and new initiatives to divert waste from landfill
  • This class also aims to bring the Ocean Friendly Criteria into the schools with the goal to register the schools as Ocean Friendly.

A full class program and resources can be obtained from our Chapter Manager If you would like to have Surfrider come to present a fun and interactive sustainability class for your students, you can get in touch with our Youth Programs Coordinator.