Surfrider Pacific Rim believe young people are the future guardians of the environment.
We have introduced school programmes that create awareness around protecting the beaches and ocean. Working with our youth within our community is essential. The goals of the youth environmental stewardship programs are to promote safe and healthy access to coastal habitats for generations to come. We want all kids to have access to Surfrider programmes, take part in Surfrider clean ups, learn how to be peaceful activists and make a difference. We will be encouraging students to take an interest in different forms of campaigning and creating solutions for local problems, and eventually teaching criteria that could lead to future employment in environment sustainability.
They are the future.
Groms rule.

The YES program currently has two sub programs and one official club:

  1. Sustainability Class

  2. Trash to Treasure

  3. Surfrider Youth Club

Thanks to our excellent partners and sponsors who continue to ensure this program is a success, and can be accessed by all students in the Pacific Rim, including the Ucluelet Elementary School, the Ucluelet Secondary School, Vans Canada, the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust, the District of Ucluelet, the Province of British Columbia and Nanaimo Science.