On August 13th, Surfrider headed out with ten volunteers to Vargas Island, cleaning Ahous Bay and three beach coves south of Ahous! Together we were able to collect a total of 5 super sacs, mostly made up of foam, mixed plastic and rope. We also collected 5 tires as well as 377 water bottles! Thanks to all of the volunteers who made the clean such a success, as well as Jamie’s Whaling Station & Adventure Centres, Patagonia and the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust for sponsoring the remote cleans!! It started out as a gorgeous day, but the skies soon filled with smoke, and as we collected pollution from yet another stretch of incredible coastline, it became all the more clear the extreme need to cut our ties to fossil fuels, in the energy sector and with plastics.

1 3/4 super sac of foam
377 water bottles
1 1/2 super sacs mixed plastic
1/3 super sac rope
24 buoys
5 tires
2 camp chairs
total super sacs: 5