From August 4-6 Surfrider Pacific Rim led a group of 15 volunteers on a remote clean up on Vargas and Blunden Island. We also had an awesome crew of 4 folks join from Surfrider Foundation Vancouver! In just two and a half days, 12 super sacs were collected in addition to loose debris like totes, tires, and crates. Over 100 buoys and 700 plastic water bottles were also collected! The spots we collected debris from had already been cleaned by our group the previous year, so this is what has washed into this area in this short time frame. It’s wild to see how much pollution is consistently washing in, and how much possibility there is to prevent this problem from occurring between individuals, businesses, industry and government. Thanks to all of the amazing volunteers who worked incredibly hard and made the trip such a blast! Of course, thanks to our amazing sponsors of the remote clean ups, Jamie’s Whaling Station & Adventure Centres, Patagonia and the Clayoquot Biosphere Trust! Thanks to Zoë’s Bakery and Cafe for another weekend filled with delicious food, meal times are always some of the best highlights of the day! Once the remotes come to an end, all debris will be sent to The Ocean Legacy Foundation to be recycled by their Marine Debris Intake Centre!

100 buoys
700 plastic
12 super sacs total