11 volunteers met on the dock with all equipment to load on the boat. We had a rock drop off on the South end of Chetarpe around 12.30pm and spent around 1.5 hours cleaning the 500m tree line. We collected one full super sack of marine debris, 14 buoys and a full garbage bag of day use garbage. After scouting the rocky shoreline, and considering the members of our team, we determined it was safe to hike 695m of ups and downs and surge channels to the longer beach north west of Chetarpe. We had a 30 minute break before cleaning the ±930m of beach, filling 2 super sacs of mixed debris and 18 buoys. After another full day and two beaches restored, we headed back into the sunlight, homewards bound to Tofino!

Thanks to the volunteers who made an adventure out of restoring the coast, as well as our sponsors Jamie’s Whaling Station, Patagonia, and Clayoquot Biosphere Trust! Addition thanks to Cristina Gareau for the fantastic photos!

Foam – 1 Full super sac + 2 full garbage bags (Total 75 ft3)

Plastic bottles: 317

Mixed Plastic: 3 full garbage bags (48ft3)

Rope: 2 full garbage bags (32ft3)

Bouys: 32

Garbage: one full bag (16ft3) (day use food items- chocolate,chip wrappers, clothing etc)