On October 26th, the Surfrider Pacific Rim crew headed out with Quest University and the USS Surfrider Youth Club for a special clean up of a remote beach near Tofino, B.C. The team managed to collect and remove 3 full super sacs of debris, weighing a total of 250 kg! Despite the excessive amounts of mud the crew needed to traverse through, everyone walked away feeling rewarded, and one student even walked away with a Japanese glass ball!

Check out the Debris Stats from the day!
Weight of debris: 250kg
No of volunteers: 42
Length of coastline: 4km
STYROFOAM: 120 cubic feet (1 full supersack: the size of a VW beetle!)
Plastics (small) : 2412
Plastics (medium): 167
Plastics (large): 167
Plastic coloured containers: 42
Plastic clear bottles: 314
Plastic coloured bottles: 49
Plastic fishing gear/buoys: 129
Plastic rope: 60 cubic feet (1/2 supersack: 2 fullsize washing machines)

Top pollutant: STYROFOAM
What can be done?
Support M151 which is aiming to create legislation to regulate the use of styrofoam single use plastics

Top pollutant: HARD PLASTICS
What can be done?
Can more information and become educated on consumer products, and make change in consumer practices, drive behavior change locally in your towns, and ask your business and local municipality to support moving away from single use plastics.

Volunteer for Surfrider and be part of a grassroots movement, that drives positive change, to create solutions and policy that protect what we love.