The Surfrider First Annual Short Film Festival was held at Cedarwood Cove on October 9th, 2016. This festival was organized to celebrate the spirit of activism through the lens of cinema! Local short films made by Surfrider Pacific Rim and other organizations were screened, in addition to films made from all over Canada and the world to show all kinds of awesome work being done by local cultures to regenerate the environment. With this in mind, the festival was motivated to create a space for films that are a testament to the reality that we do not have to hand over our culture creating powers to mass media and corporations to feed back to us, we have the power to hold our hands high and create the culture we want to see for ourselves! This kind of local culture does not have to reap consequences on the environment, so this festival highlights the fact that people can contribute to their culture in a way that is beneficial for the whole web of life!

The festival was a huge hit, 67 people got cozy under a crisp and starry October night. We raised $1170 from the audience and sponsor Acheson Whitley Sweeney Foley. These funds are being put towards acquiring more video gear so that Surfrider can continue to make films that magnify our efforts in protecting the coast!

Stay tuned for the Surfrider Second Annual Short Film Fest happening autumn 2017!

Film Programme

Local short:

  • Grom Beach Cleanup by Surfrider Pacific Rim
  • Vancouver Cleanup by Surfrider Vancouver
  • Combing the Coast by Surfrider Vancouver Island
  • Reel Youth Invention Camp Films (altogether 5 films, 27 min)
  • Behind the Bloom by Clayoquot Action, edited and produced by Sam Rose Phillips
  • Salmon Farm Standoff by Warren Rudd (I forget the actual name, it only joined the programme the day of the i will have to get this from him)

National shorts:

  • Norma’s Story by Alex Hawley
  • Haida Raid 3: Save Our Waters by Amanda Strong
  • Reverence: The Monarch Project byJean-Nicolas Orhon

International shorts:

  • The Rainmakers of Nganyi by Steve McDonald
  • The Wildness Society: Demystifying Campaigning by Blue Bottle Films
  • End of the Line: The Women of Standing Rock by Red Queen Media