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DATE: June 6, 2019

What’s Happening?

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DATE: May 9, 2019

What’s Happening?

Surfrider Foundation Canada is making a statement on the current condition of the recycling industry and single-use plastics in Canada as well as the recent declaration from Encorp Pacific (Canada) about their Bottle Depot Return-It Centre, claims that of May 13th, their Victoria and Saanich locations will no longer be accepting “all Blue Box material, Plastic Bags, Styrofoam, and Flexible Packaging materials…”. Surfrider Foundation Canada supports this decision and the need for more financial support/additional funding for handling and recycling products, in addition to the banning of single-use plastics.

In January 2018, China announced they would no longer be taking waste from foreign countries. With this major shift, it would have been in Canada’s best interest to dramatically improve the system for recycling plastics. Currently, the markets for recycling plastic domestically are still weak and therefore give minimal incentives to build the infrastructure needed to process plastic waste.

Surfrider’s mission is to protect our oceans, waves, and beaches through a powerful activist network. In response to the Encorp Pacific (Canada)’s statement, we are calling for the federal government to adopt three vital solutions. First, Motion-151 was passed unanimously in the House of Commons in December 2018. This Motion is calling for a national strategy on plastic pollution, which includes the reduction and regulation of consumer and industrial use of single-use plastics. Right now, municipalities are leading this movement through the adoption of bans on single-use plastics, including many districts across British Columbia. The federal government now needs to step up in addressing plastic pollution before this crisis escalates any further. Secondly, a Canadian market is needed for recycled plastic. Localized recycling programs like Blue Box would become financially feasible if the Canadian government implemented legislation that required all plastic products to contain a certain amount of recycled plastic. Lastly, extended producer responsibility needs to be adopted throughout the country so that the biggest polluters of plastic are held accountable for the products they manufacture and distribute.


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Lilly Woodbury, Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Rim 250-327-1119, available May 9th


Kinder Morgan Pipeline Project – August 2018

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Project statement from Surfrider Pacific Rim August 2018

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Recreational Ocean Group Speaks Out Against Trudeau’s Endorsement Of Kinder Morgan
Pipeline Review Process – December, 2016

Each year, Surfrider Foundation Canada leads thousands of British Columbia volunteers in coastal protection. Chapters in Vancouver, Victoria and Tofino bring together residents by pairing a passion for ocean recreation with environmental stewardship. Their activities include beach cleanups, citizen science, sporting events, public awareness and environmental education. While the fabric of Surfrider volunteers resembles a kaleidoscope as colourful as Canada’s population they are united by a common thread: a love for the ocean. Their mission – to protect and enjoy waves, oceans and beaches – has championed over 400 legal wins on coastal protection and preservation across North America since 1987.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approval of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion review process flies directly in the face of the vows he made during his electoral campaign only one year ago. This pipeline promotes the increase of extraction, transport, and burning of fossil fuels, all of which are contributing to climate change and a host of related hazards, costs, and threats to every community, coastline and economy in the world, including our own.

Surfrider Foundation VP Gillian Montgomery states, “The short term economic benefit to Canada from Kinder Morgan will not outweigh the disastrous environmental impacts to the marine and coastal ecosystems. We are actively working throughout British Columbia and Washington to support the businesses, nonprofits, elected officials and First Nations taking a stand against pipelines to protect the coastlines and the Salish Sea.”

Surfrider Foundation recognizes that climate change is a scientific reality that will include measurable changes to the ocean including warmer waters, more acidic oceans, sea level rise and storm severity that threaten coastal communities and the health of beaches, and coastal and ocean ecosystems. Recent spills in Bella Bella demonstrate that Canada’s “world class response plan” does not have the ability to protect British Columbia’s coastline. The threefold increase of over 400 tankers planned to pass within 50 kilometers of Long Beach, Tofino BC will inevitably wreak havoc on the natural beauty of this treasured hotspot for tourism and ocean recreation. Local residents who have witnessed previous spills have rallied and the Tofino Long Beach Chamber of Commerce was the only intervenor in BC taking a stand against the pipeline expansion. According to the Chamber, “Tofino and the west coast of Vancouver Island lie outside the spill response area for the Kinder Morgan pipeline despite the fact this remote community would be on the front line in the event of a tanker accident.” The local Surfrider Pacific Rim chapter continues to support and thank the Chamber efforts to protect this coast from risk of oil spills.

Surfrider Vancouver chair Matthew Unger says the organization is, “calling British Columbia residents to come together and speak out against the disregard for research and consultation in the Trans Mountain review process. The Canadians who elected Trudeau thought they were getting leadership through the promised overhaul of the review process, it’s sad to see how misguided our hopes were.” Surfrider Foundation Canada believes that British Columbia residents are capable of stopping the pipeline expansion from completing. The organization is urging the public to speak out against the Kinder Morgan pipeline by reaching out in writing to your Member of Parliament, British Columbia MLA and local city officials.

Surfrider Foundation Canada is a registered Canadian charity dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of waves, oceans and beaches. Surfrider Foundation’s headquarters are based in San Clemente, California and has chapters spanning the globe. Three BC chapters in Tofino, Victoria and Vancouver host monthly beach cleanups, ocean research and other events centered around the coastal protection and enjoyment.

Surfrider Vancouver Island Gillian Montgomery (250) 885-0464
Surfrider Pacific Rim Michelle Hall (250) 522-0142
Surfrider Vancouver Matthew Unger (604) 512-1592