The Crew


These irreplaceable volunteers are the lifeline of our Chapter. They are the boots on the ground who collaborate on the local, provincial, and national level with regional staff and issue experts to carry out our mission through campaigns, programs, and educational initiatives in the community. Our capacity to achieve environmental victories grows stronger with every new volunteer that joins the crew! To find out how to get involved, sign up for our newsletter, or contact to figure out which program or campaign is of most interest to you!


Executive Committee

Kerry Harwood


Kerry grew up in Cochrane Alberta and his strongest memories of childhood were exploring creeks, rivers, hoodoos, prairies and mountains for forms of life.  Fast Forward 30 years and these memories still apply with a magnified appreciation and love of all places on earth.  After 10 years of Corporate life in Alberta working with Developers, Architects, and Planners, Kerry has spent the last 5 years recalibrating with the energy of the Ocean and Pacific Rim Rainforest and he is now focusing his sights on planting seed to create a world of freedom, health, and joy for all.   Kerry aims to research and explore modern technologies and fuel them with traditional wisdom from our ancestors.  New to Surfrider in 2017, he hopes to use his passion, knowledge, and experience, to inspire others to live their fullest expressions in life.  To bring people together with a focus on living in balance with our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and environmental experiences on this beautiful blue rock.

Kelby Morris

Kelby Jane Holmes
Vice Chair

Kelby Morris volunteers as Vice Chair for the chapter, as well as leading the Stitch n Beach program, as part of the Rise Against Plastic program. Kelby was born and raised along the coast of Southern Africa, and is still adjusting to the cold west coast waters, so spends her time scanning the shoreline for debris, waiting for the warmer summer waters to roll in. With her father working in the shipping industry, she spent some time travelling between busy shipping ports and has witnessed human impacts along many ‘pristine’ coastlines. Kelby has a degree in Fashion and Textiles and after working in the industry and learning the negative aspects of fashion, she now concentrates on finding sustainable solutions to minimize her impacts and help others where she can. As well as taking part in Surfrider remote clean ups, Kelby host the Stitch n Beach groups in Tofino and Ucluelet and we are so lucky to have her support the BYOB campaign! If you would like to join the group, click here, or get in touch with Kelby directly, we are always looking for material donations and skills!

Jason Sam

Jason Sam, Surfrider Pacific Rim Chair
Treasurer, Remotes Lead, and Youth Club Coordinator or

Jason Sam is  a wiz kid when it comes to numbers, finances, and grants, so we are very lucky to have him as our Treasurer. He is that favourite teacher you had when you were a kid. Volunteering for our chapter as the Coordinator for Canada’s first ever Surfrider Youth Club, he’s working hard at keeping our chapter’s success a positive movement for all to be part of. He has fun participating in the Surfrider Youth Environmental Stewardship programs, as well as working with students at the schools in Ucluelet. Students are at ease in his company and at their best when around him. Jason is at his best when leading remote beach cleans out on the rugged and remote islands of the Pacific Rim. He is always ready for a challenge and will always be there with a smile, win or fail. Additionally, we are so lucky to have Jason cook traditional Nuu Chah Nulth salmon BBQ at our beach events, waste free, and delicious. Be sure to ask how he sharpens his tools, and you might just get promoted to sous chef!

Chantal Kerr

Chantal Kerr Surfrider Support Crew
Volunteer Coordinator Lead

Chantal Kerr is Ucluelet and Tofino’s biggest fan. Falling in love with the area during her first visit in 2007, she knew this is where she would one day call home. After moving from Squamish, B.C. to Ukee in 2016, with her husband Dave and dog Yukie (yes, it’s pronounced Ukee), Chantal realized that helping protect this area she’s so passionate about is crucial to ensure generations to come can enjoy its natural beauty as well. When Chantal isn’t surfing, you can find her working on her other passion, marketing and advertising for a world-wide travel company. Experience with projects from her career such as brand marketing, events, local community marketing and marketing training will be brought into her position with Surfrider as the Ucluelet Volunteer Coordinator Lead, and voting member on the Executive Committee. You’ll be able to find Chantal on many Surfrider projects such as beach clean ups, Stitch and Beach group and other community campaigns ready to help and high five every step of the way!


Lilly Woodbury

Chapter Manager

One of the most progressive voices in the community and hardest working volunteers. Lilly volunteered on the executive committee, formally on the media team, but is an active volunteer across all campaigns and coordinates the Ocean Friendly Business working with the chair. She is a source of research on the effects of single use plastics, a campaign planner, an outreach volunteer to business, and she seeks funding and sponsors to help keep the ship running. Her annual Short Film Fest event is a sell out, and brings awareness to environmental and social injustice through local film makers. She writes the Surfrider articles for local rag Tofino Times, nothing is impossible, and everything is achievable. That’s just how she rolls, and you want to be on that path with her. Lilly became the Chapter Manager in April 2017 and we are stoked to support her in this paid role!

Alys Hoyland

Youth Coordinator

Hailing from the ex-coalfields of northern England, I first learned to surf the icy brown waves of the North Sea. Though the ridiculous joy of cold-water surfing first attracted me to Tofino, it was the community – the kind that bans plastic straws and fights to protect its old growth forest – that made me want to stay. Well, and the fact it feels like we live in a copy of National Geographic. I’m inspired by the wonders of the west coast landscape and ecosystems, and as a kayak guide I get to share that daily, spreading the word about the legacy of activism in Clayoquot sound and our shared responsibility for its protection. I’m passionate about education and its role empowering people to step up as leaders for positive change, and as the Youth Coordinator for the Youth Environmental Stewardship Program, I’ll be sharing that stoke and learning from the creativity and energy of the next generation. When not beach-cleaning, tide-pooling, teaching yoga, or playing in / on the water, I can usually be found in the kitchen cooking up plant-based, plastic-free treats!


Catherine Bruhwiler

Chapter Ambassador

Catherine is a life long local Tofino surfer who loves to spend most of her time in the ocean. She is a talented surfer and is an incredible ambassador for her hometown of Tofino, B.C. Catherine has taken the Woman’s National Surf title many times, and makes the podium in every long-distance paddleboard race and surf contest she enters. She was awarded the Canadian SUP Surf Women’s Champion award at the 2nd Annual Tofino Paddle Surf Qualifier for the World SUP Games and represented Canada at the World SUP Games. Motivated by her love for the ocean and beaches, the fresh air and the rainforest, Catherine loves to share her stoke and appreciation for the planet, and is always available to support your campaigns to protect the ocean. With her vast experience growing up on the ocean and surfing, Catherine brings a wealth of local knowledge to the Surfrider chapter. She can be found on the judges tables at surf comps, and provides an inspiring role model to the groms of Tofino, all of which are completely in love with her. Us too.

Karla Robison

Chapter Ambassador

Karla Robison has been an ambassador for the environment her entire life. Working for the District of Ucluelet as the Environmental and Emergency Services Manager her Department provides environmental services through Ucluelet’s Marine Debris Program, initiatives such as spill response mitigation measures, and department support associated with the maintenance or improvement of natural ecosystems. She organized a 4 year marine debris project that collected hundreds of tonnes of driftage debris from the Japanese Tsunami from the Broken Group Islands. Her experience and knowledge on ocean systems and how marine debris travels through currents and gyres is such an important educational tool for awareness. We are quite sure she is some kind of superhero navy seal.

Marketing & Media

Jordan Dyck

Jordan Dyck Volunteer
Marketing & Media Lead

Growing up in Alberta, the ocean and its vastness called to Jordan from a young age. With an extensive background in marketing, communications, and photography- she’s traveled to more than 25 countries around the world chasing the ocean, learning from diverse cultures, and developing a voice passionate about the environment and the world around her. The call of the wild chased her, and she moved to British Columbia 6 years ago, never looking back. Getting involved with Surfrider was a natural fit after moving to Ucluelet, combining her passion for storytelling and photography of this rugged coastline to help spread awareness of plastic and micro-plastic pollution in our waters. If you can’t find her behind the lens, find her chasing waves, chasing her pup, and chasing new adventures.

Arya Touserkani

Born and raised in California, Arya learned to appreciate and respect nature at an early age through a passion shared by his parents. After starting a career in the tech industry, Arya realized that the so-called “safe path” meant being stuck indoors and quickly losing touch with the things that mattered most. So he and his wife Whitney decided to save their money and travel the world. After a few years of bouncing from one location to another, they revisited the Pacific Rim and realized it was where they wanted to be. Contributing to Surfrider was the next natural step and serves not only as an outlet for Arya’s love of the ocean and this rugged coastline but another way for him to hone his skills behind the camera. He mainly spends his time taking landscape photos that you can view on his website ( but can also be found catching waves, mountain biking, and backpacking.

Kennedy McDiarmid

Social Media Support
Kennedy was born and raised in Tofino B.C. She is currently a high school student who is very invested in politics at every level. She loves the environment, and also happens to be very familiar with social media and online activism. She joined Surfrider in order to work on spreading awareness of the everyday threats to our planet and educating others on living more sustainably.

When she isn’t engrossed in her studies or competing in debate, model United Nations, and public speaking, you can find her surfing, or petting dogs on the beach.

Tech & Data

Alyne Francis


Alyne is one of those gem finds that suddenly appear from nowhere and changes your life. How often do you come across a technical genius, who happens to be a complete babe, and a surf bum who regularly packs her laptop up to travel to warm surf spots for a few months to code and surf. Alyne has a background and education devoted to environment planning and sciences, and previously worked for Parks Canada in Environmental Assessment. Oh and, she owns and manages, and works as a bike mechanic at a sweet little bike rental and repair shop in town Tofino Bike Co. Yip, she means business. And she doesn’t need you to give her a wave, she will already be spraying you with a smile in her bikini. Alyne does all things web and technical for our chapter, as well as supporting all campaigns and beach cleans. She is a key volunteer for the chapter, and without her we’d still be hillbillies.

Art & Design

Claire Watson

claire watson
Art & Design Lead
We are so very lucky to have the talented Claire Watson on our crew! Claire looks after the design work for Love Your Beach Clean and special events, and is a close advisory to the team. Claire lives on her 42ft sailboat with her family of adorable pirates and lives the dream. ‘People protect what they love’. Claire’s desire is to harness the power of art and design and it’s influence on popular culture to give the oceans and the creatures within a voice. To create something tangible. To capture the beauty and fluidity out of something ever changing to not only raise awareness, but to promote discussion, inspire change and share her passion for this fragile environment through her art. You can find more of her work here and check out her free west coast inspired colouring pages in the Tofino times every month.

Karine Beaumier

Art and Design Support
Karine is a surf artist, muralist and illustrator based in Ucluelet BC. She moved to the west coast in 2012. Her twenties were spent traveling and living around the world, where she fell in love with surfing. Her art is inspired by nature and has a playful side to it. She loves the island lifestyle and how many individuals, businesses and organisations care for the environment. When it is time to create, she can’t listen to enough of Jack Johnson! As for Surfrider, this foundation stands for everything she believes in. She has previously helped leading the Pacific Rim Chapter and the beach cleans in 2015 and is excited to be involved now in the Art & Design Committee. Her philosophy with art is that focusing on solutions and optimism can have powerful positive ripples. She is looking forward to more collaborations and seeing what the year ahead will bring to this chapter and community. You can find more of her work here:

Joshua Seinen

Art & Design Support

My goal as a designer is to work with clients to create conviction within their brand. In an industry saturated by shallow promises, cheap tricks, and buzzwords, the only way to break through the noise is to be truly authentic. My job is to work with the client to find a way to celebrate what they do, and who they are. To pull apart the DNA of a business and find what makes it truly special. My job, is to craft your conviction.

Laurie Boudreault

Surfrider Volunteer, Laurie B Designs
Merchandise & Design
Laurie supports Surfrider as the Merchandise Lead, and by designing Love Your Beach Clean posters, and contributing other graphic artwork. She is a graphic designer and creative head by trade, and we love her work! Growing up in Québec, she never expected to be living by the ocean but her newfound love of surfing brought her to this beautiful town called Tofino, and she never looked back. Her love for this beautiful remote part of Canada is endless. She also owns a local store and always aims to support the community that she lives in. You can find more of her work here

Rise Above Plastics

Love Your Beach Clean

Campaigns & Programs

Laura Griffith-Cochrane

RAP (Rise Above Plastics) Committee Lead

Laura Griffith-Cochrane loves the ocean and everything in it (except polychaete worms). Originally from the east side of the island, Laura has spent the last decade working for the Ucluelet Aquarium (Canada’s first catch-and-release aquarium), where she currently acts as its curator. Laura is a nerd at heart. She loves a well designed study and is constantly questing for new knowledge about ocean ecosystems and the organisms that live within them (except for polychaete worms). Laura joins the team as the Rise Above Plastics committee lead, is a voting member of the Executive Committee, and through the team at the Ucluelet Aquarium is teaching the coast how to be citizen scientists for microplastic research!

Marianne Paquette

Rise Above Plastics Committee
Born and raised in Montreal, the only way for Marianne to spend time by the ocean was travelling, but as soon as she was back in the city, she would start dreaming about dipping her toes in some saltwater again. During her travels, Marianne always looked for opportunities to get involved with organizations that help keep debris out of our oceans. She has participated in cleanups in different parts of the world, from the coral reefs of Reunion Island to the mangroves of Baja California. Each trip to the ocean got longer and longer until she realized she couldn’t live far from the ocean. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Environmental Sciences she moved to Tofino and fell in love with the place and all the like-minded people she met along the way. When she heard about Surfrider, she knew she had to get involved. As a member of the Rise Above Plastics committee, Marianne is always searching for new ways to cut down on single-use plastics by working with local businesses and helping them achieve small changes that impact the ocean in a hugely positive way. When she is not looking for pieces of plastics on the beach, you can find her observing the amazing life of the tide pools, spending time in the water or just baking treats on a rainy day.

Kim Johnston

OFB & RAP Committees
Prior to creating two precious beings named Hannah and Elliott, Kim worked at the Raincoast Education Society. She was Education Coordinator for three years and Sustainable Living Coordinator for two years, and had the opportunity to educate children and adults both in the classroom and outdoors. She also helped businesses collaborate on green initiatives and building green platforms. She has an MA in Environmental Education and Communication from Royal Roads University and a BA in English and Film from Queen’s University. Kim helps run Tofino and Ucluelet’s local radio stations; she teaches yoga; and Kim and her daughter have a company called Hannah Lily where they plant, grow, and produce plant medicine for kids. They have had the good fortune of sharing this plant medicine knowledge with the bright children of Wickaninnish Community School. If you don’t know Kim yet, you should! She is amazing, and Surfrider is very lucky to have her!

Michael Lewis

LYBC Committee Lead

Michael is a newly inspired and impassioned member of the Surfrider Crew! He has called the west coast of Vancouver Island home for the last ten years and can frequently be found giving back to this wonderful community he is proud to call home. Growing up in southern Ontario sailing, snowboarding or skateboarding, this one likes to stay active and loves being outdoors. It’s no surprise to some that he has naturally gravitated towards the oceans and beaches of the west coast! “It has always bugged me to see the negative impact of debris, garbage, litter when you are out enjoying nature. Whether that be in the water, on the beach or in the woods, we can do better” Michael spends his day to day running his own business, Beyond the Bar and enjoys surfing, hiking and taking photos on his days off. Always there when there’s work to be done, you can find him with a smile on his face on the worst of days!

Marty Mellway

LYBC Committee Member
Marty has led a nomadic lifestyle for the past thirteen years, hardly staying in one place longer than six months. His travels have led him to China, India, Nepal, all of Southeast Asia, Australia and much of North America. Travelling far and wide has allowed him to experience a diversity of cultures and learn from people around the world. After years of wandering, Marty has developed deep reverence and respect for the landscapes and wild places he has explored. Throughout his travels, photography and cinematography have become a way to capture his experiences and tell stories worth sharing. Through his work as a BC Parks Ranger, Marty has gained a unique skill set in wildlife management, conservation, park operations, ecological monitoring, education and interpretation. Marty spent the last five years in the remote Northern Rockies of BC, where his landscape and wildlife photography flourished. Marty has developed a passion for ocean conservation through his most recent position as a BC Parks Ranger in Clayoquot Sound.

Lennie & Marcie

Remote crew & Education (YES)
Lennie and Marcie are a part of the Surfrider remote clean up team, which they joined in 2016. Marcie also helps with the Youth Environmental Stewardship program in Ahousaht.

When it comes to transportation for remote cleanups – Lennie is your man – His skillful skippering of his boat, the Sweet Marie, can get you on and off nearly any beach, any time. He’s also not afraid to get himself or his boat dirty, and more than once, has loaded it past the gunnels with supersacs, styrofoam blocks and fishing floats from remote beaches and islands.

The couple calls Ahousaht, on Flores Island, home – where they live with their flock of chickens, 3 dogs, 2 bunnies and a cat. They try to live as sustainably as possible by gardening their own food and attempting to entirely eliminate their use of single use plastics.

Dede Monette

Dede Monette Wetsuit Reincarnation coordinator
Wetsuit Reincarnation Lead
Dede is the founder of Tofino Yoga and also supports the LYBC team by providing free beach yoga, always surf inspired and fun! Expect sandy toes and laughs, and of course, a connection to the beach, waves and ocean. Dede is also the lead for the Wetsuit Reincarnation Program, and can help you get your old wetsuits turned into yoga mats, she’ll even show you hers at class. Dede also runs summer youth camps and collaborates with Surfrider to educate the groms on environmental stewardship, and cleaning up the beach together. Her own children will easily be running this Surfrider chapter soon, always the first to grab a bucket and help with all of the action at our beach clean ups. Dede brings such a beautiful energy and offering to our team, you can find her through her website  Tofino Yoga. Namaste.



Clint Mack

Hold Onto Your Butt Campaign Coordinator
Clint originally joined our crew as support and quickly proved to be a very valuable and solid crew member, providing support across all operations from beach clean ups, promotions, heavy lifting, surf events, and collecting cigarette butts for the Hold On To Your Butt program. If you need help, this is your guy! He has now taken on the overall coordination of the HOTYB program, and is working with the HOTYB committee volunteers to expand the program throughout Ucluelet and Tofino. If you have ideas for improving this program, or doing something fun to raise awareness about cigarette butt pollution. Talk to Clint!


Christine Morriss-Swift

Hold Onto Your Butt Committee
Christine moved to Ucluelet from Ontario just over 2 years ago to be closer to the ocean and the things she loves to do. Surf and Dive! Having the ocean be such a big part of her life is the passion behind protecting it and joining Surfrider! Christine loves spending time on the beach sharing education for ocean conservation and spreading positive messages to other beach goers! She is also co-leads the Hold Onto Your Butt program, and helps the community and visitors learn all about cigarette disposal, recycling, and helping businesses find solutions to cigarette litter. She believes that through the collective work of Surfrider and positive change within the community, we can protect the beauty of the west coast.

Verónika Miralles Sánchez

Stitch 'n' Beach Committee

Verónika is of Argentine descent and grew up partly in the South American desert, and partly in the BC rainforest. Her parents settled in Port Moody after falling in love with the endless lakes, rivers, and ocean that surrounded their new home. Her family spent weekends and summers camping and canoeing where she developed a love for the “Wet Coast” that inspired her involvement with environmental activism at a young age. As a result, she went on to complete Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the study of social and environmental movements. Since then, she has taught university courses, has worked in refugee law, human rights organizations, and labour unions. Several years ago, she left all that behind and moved to Ukee looking for a slower life in a place with more trees than people. 


Michelle Hall

Vice-President, Surfrider Canada

Michelle has built a career being an environmental changemaker, convention-buster and strategic business and brand builder. As Vice President of Surfrider Canada, Michelle is focused on creating campaigns that drive ocean conservation policies nationwide, all while bringing innovative and passionate people together to advocate for ocean preservation and enjoyment. She moved from the world of high technology, where she led strategy and operations for a successful global software company and was instrumental in the company being acquired by a Fortune 500. Then after 2 years of globetrotting, she settled in Tofino, B.C. where she reinvigorated the business community by bringing new heights of culture, professionalism, volunteerism and relevance. Michelle is an entrepreneur, an environmental student, a surfer, a wife and best friend to her dog Koli. She also founded Cedarwood Cove in Tofino, where she and her husband invite guests to reconnect to the environment through wellness and adventure.   She is the 2018 recipient of the Surfrider Foundation Leadership Award recognized for outstanding leadership across the global network and describes herself as a community builder who has a cool accent.

Nicole Holman

Tofino Volunteer Coordinator
Born in Oakville, Ontario and being primarily raised at her cottage in Haliburton, Nicole found home being outdoors in wild places at a young age. Lucky enough to grow up with parents who introduced her to a passion for the outdoors early on, Nicole’s hobbies quickly revolved around being outside and out in nature. From an early age, her dad taught her everything she knew about photography, cameras and shooting manually with film. Lessons in cameras and stories of traveling the world would forever spark her passion for exploring the world with a camera by her side. Nicole attended Western University for her BSc in biology, with a specific focus on conservation biology and environmental science and spent her summers tree planting in remote areas of northern Canada. She moved to Tofino one year ago, when a 3 day trip quickly turned into looking for a permanent place to stay. Compelled by her love for the ocean and rainforest and a strong desire to protect them, joining Surfrider was a perfect fit. She believes photography and visual story telling are vital tools in environmental conservation, as the only way to truly protect these wild places is to get more people caring about them. When she’s not being the lens, find her chasing waves, making juice or adventuring with friends!

Emma Sawyer

Admin Support
Emma is a happy traveller originally from the UK with a background in admin and finance. She has worked and volunteered for a number of charities and social enterprises mostly focused on international development; but discovered a passion for protecting our oceans and beaches whilst living in beautiful Tofino. She enjoys reading, yoga and swimming as well as making new friends on her travels. She has recently started supporting Surfrider Pacific Rim Chapter by helping with remote admin work.

Laurie Taylor

Environmental Waste Expert
Born and raised in rural Alberta, Laurie fell in love with Vancouver Island after first coming to Tofino at two years old to visit family. Since then, she has returned countless times to be inspired by the ocean, the beach, and everything about the West Coast lifestyle. An amateur photographer and professional beachcomber, Laurie started cleaning garbage off the beaches in 1996 because she noticed too many brightly coloured plastics showing up in her photos, and it just didn’t seem natural. Although her whole life has been influenced by a desire to reduce and reuse, over the last 20 years, Laurie has been directly involved in the waste management industry, everything from driving garbage trucks to leading waste reduction presentations for thousands of people to hand sorting hundreds of tonnes of trash as a waste auditor across Canada. Laurie believes that we all have to be held accountable for the waste we create and what happens with it because it’s something that doesn’t just ‘disappear’, and how we manage it today will affect our tomorrow’s. When she’s not joining a beach cleanup, you can find her playing in the forests, creating functional artwork out of reused materials, or talking about garbage as a resource to anyone who will listen. Laurie joins the Rise Above Plastics committee as an Environmental Waste Expert and will be delivering outreach, education and research across this region and beyond!

Julia Comerford

Over the past few years, Julia has volunteered on many Surfrider Pacific Rim beach cleans, has helped facilitate the Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES) program, and we were extremely lucky to have her as our 2019 Summer Intern! She is a recent UVic Geography graduate, with a background in the Community Design & Environmental Planning program at Dalhousie University. Having worked with both Surfrider Pac Rim and Clayoquot Action on local coastal conservation issues, she has gained valuable insights on how to create system change and address the roots of complex issues. She likes plants and painting, and can often be spotted rolling along the bike path. Be sure to give her a high five next time you see her!

Alan Hall

Support Crew

It’s raining hail. Your event plan needs to change immediately. Your volunteers all bailed to go surfing. There are super heavy things to carry. Smiles, high fives and jokes needed… booth help all day long making kids laugh… This guy ALWAYS has your back! …and he never wants any credit for all of the Surfrider stuff he does last minute and always on demand. Hands down the best support crew a chapter needs in the face of emergencies. He could strap a surfboard to your broken leg, throw you over his shoulder and carry you over a slip stream of seaweed without breaking a sweat. You want this guy on your team. Every time. Alan is a great safety lead on remote clean ups and can definitely tell you if your coat looks like it will leak. Then give you his.

Jamie Lee Mock

Jamie Lee Mock
Support Crew
As a self-proclaimed mermaid and daughter of the moon, Jamie is deeply connected to that of the coastal tides. After years’ experience in corporate marketing, Jamie felt the call to explore a deeper meaning of life in alignment with her passion for healing. Naturally, this included a life near the ocean. A few holistic businesses and life changes later, she made the move to Tofino where she joined Surfrider as a way to honour, protect and deepen her connection to the land, sea and community. She uses her skills in marketing, media and photography, to enhance and promote Surfrider programs and campaigns as support for the media team, clean ups, and special events. When she isn’t skinny-dipping and forever-learning to surf, Jamie offers Craniosacral Therapy and Holistic Nutrition Consulting. Find more of her healing modalities at

Megan Rivard

Support Crew
Megan was born and raised on Vancouver Island and feels blessed to still call it home! As a long-distance runner, she has spent many hours running up and down our gorgeous coastline and is enthusiastic about preserving its beauty so that it can be enjoyed for years to come. Passionately devoted to beach cleans, spreading awareness and living a plant-based lifestyle fuels her heart while positively impacting in her community and the world around her. When she’s not at the beach, Megan can be found hiking with her golden retriever, teaching yoga, making pottery or working as a Registered Massage Therapist in our community! To learn more about her head on over to!

Art Skoda

Treasurer support
ROF who likes to find meaningful work that keeps him active and busy.  Kayaking the coast gives me a good idea of the environmental impact of  my generation.  Working with Surfrider Foundation gives me hope that these committed, energetic, enthusiastic young people will continue finding ways to keep our coast clean and continue to promote awareness of how we affect the planet that is our home.

Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES)

Toby Theriault

Co-Chair Ucluelet Secondary School Youth Club

Toby is the co chair of the Surfrider Foundation USS club. She works as the resident ornithologist for the Tofino Botanical Gardens and enjoys sharing everything you need to know about the birds in this region and beyond and how we can protect all wildlife. Her free time is spent, surfing, hiking, skiing, birdwatching and enjoying nature. Student by day, vigilante beach cleaner/volunteer organizer by night and can often be found on her dads skiff with the rest of the Surfrider Crew scouting for marine debris along the coast. Toby loves the coast and protects it to the best of her ability, and loves to welcome new students.

Emmett Wellman

Co-Chair Ucluelet Secondary School Youth Club

More info on Emmett coming soon!