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We love the ocean and beaches, and believe we can create more awareness through the power of video and film. We host film nights throughout the year, as well as an annual Surfrider Short Film Festival in the fall. We are just getting started on our locally produced videos, and have a few fun clips to share, we are always looking for volunteers and collaborators, so get in touch! To be involved making videos or to show your film at the fest, please contact


Surfrider Pacific Rim

Polar Bear Swim 2019

On New Years Day, 2019, the Surfrider Pacific Rim team hosted the annual Polar Bear Swim in Tofino on North Chesterman Beach! The event was equipped with a bonfire, educational and refreshments tent as well as beach yoga with Tofino Yoga! Over a hundred folks came out to take the icy plunge, and warmed up their bodies with a beach clean! This is truly the way to start the year off right, with an awakening run into the ocean, and an act of giving back to the ocean, beaches and waves.

Thanks to videographer Arya Touserkani for another incredible video, check out more of his work at!


The beach creates experiences of joy for every person who visits, and it’s up to all of us to give back to the beach whenever we take a stroll! We can all do this with a #5minutebeachclean, collecting as much marine debris and litter as we can in 5 minutes! Watch the video to learn how, thanks to Mike Lewis for directing, editing, and starring in this fun flick!

Surfrider Pacific Rim Year in Review 2018

2018, you were really swell. As we reflect on the past year, the Surfrider Pacific Rim community made massive strides towards protecting and cleaning our coastline- safeguarding the future of our oceans. And we couldn’t have done it without you. Here are some of our favourite moments from the past year. Look at what we’ve been able to accomplish together in this small but mighty community.

– 300,000 cigarette butts and 1,500 pounds of wetsuits recycled
– The House of Commons passed #M151, a motion to keep plastic pollution out of our waters.
– 600 reusable bags were donated to the community through #StitchNBeach
– Over 630 volunteers in our community came together to clean 15 local and 26 remote beach cleans through #LoveYourBeachClean

And many many more. Thank you for making 2018 an unforgettable year. And thank you to our incredible community of volunteers and supporters for making it happen. Visit to learn how you can make a difference in 2019. Please feel free to share this with friends and family. Happy New Year!
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Ocean Friendly Business

The Ocean Friendly Business Campaign video highlights four businesses that participated in the pilot round of this campaign in 2017/2018! This campaign assists businesses in eliminating single use plastics, implementing progressive recycling practices, and increasing sustainable initiatives. Through this campaign, resources, innovative ideas and practices are gained from each business and shared with all participants, as well as the entire business community in the Pacific Rim. Thanks to the Wickaninnish Inn, Merge,  Jamie’s Whaling Station & Adventure Centres, and WOLF in the FOG for taking part in this video, we are never short of great on-screen stars on the coast! This campaign is also a celebration of the great practices businesses already have in place, and the positive changes they make to meet the criteria of the campaign.

Our business community is one of the many drivers of system change in our region, so if you are a business owner, manager, or employee – we want to hear from you! Email to join!

Thanks to our volunteer videographer Arya Touserkani for this video, check out more of his work at!

Why Surfrider?

Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches through a powerful activist network. The Pacific Rim Chapter, which operates on the west coast of Vancouver Island, focuses on eliminating single use plastics, implementing progressive recycling practices for petroleum products, and creating system change through working with youth, businesses, individuals and government!

Thanks to Ben Giesbrecht for editing this video, and thanks to Kerry Morrison, Matt Westcott and Lilly Woodbury for footage.

How does your mug define you?

Surfrider Pacific Rim’s video that is part of our Rise Above Plastics campaign, about all the awesome locals who bring their reusable mugs to the beach!! This film was made in collaboration with Storm Surf Shop in Tofino, who organized the Log Rider’s Waltz Competition, where they agreed to refuse reusable mugs and support Surfrider Pacific Rim!

Happy New Year, love Surfrider xxoo

Volunteer Matty really captured the moment at the 2017 Polar Bear swim. You may want to put on a sweater before you watch this!

Grom Beach Clean – International Surf Day 2016

Groms beach clean video made by Matty Westcott & Lilly Woodbury and the awesome groms of Tofino.

Straws Suck Campaign Video

During our Straws Suck Campaign we made this little ditty. Both music and video are a creation of our awesome volunteer, Erin Junkala!

Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider Foundation 2016 Year in Review

What is Surfrider

This short video featuring the CEO of Surfrider explains the roots and where it all began. Have a watch and learn more about who we are and what we represent.

Marine Spatial Planning

Published on Oct 4, 2013. This short film explores the opportunity to protect Washington’s Pacific coast through marine spatial planning. Filmmakers Chris Hannant and Gillian Montgomery interview Surfrider members and other stakeholders as they travel the state’s rugged coastline. Featuring beautiful scenery from the Olympic Peninsula, the film makes a compelling case for surfers, beachgoers and other recreational users to get involved with marine spatial planning. For more information and to get involved, please visit: and

The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water

Check out this sweet little video about the water cycle. Some of the details and challenges differ from what we experience here in our remote coastal community in the Pacific Northwest. But the fundamentals apply to all.

Happenings in our 'hood

Clayoquot Salmon Festival Beach Clean and BBQ

On September 1st, 2019, Surfrider Pacific Rim and Friends of Clayoquot Sound hosted a beach clean up and zero-waste salmon BBQ on Mackenzie Beach! In just a couple hours we collected 65kg of marine debris and litter! Thanks to all the volunteers that came out to clean the beach and celebrate the Clayoquot Salmon Festival with us!

Queen of the Peak 2018

Queen of the Peak 2017

Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2017

Queen of the Peak 2016

Duct Tape Invitational | Surf | VANS

West Coast Weird Off Highlights

Hang Tuff – Surfing at the End of the Road