Beach cleans are the keystone of our work, and take place in three different ways: community beach cleans, remote shoreline clean ups, and beach event/surf competition cleans! Our clean ups not only restore the shores from pollution, they provide data on the types of the debris washing up onto the beaches. This data informs our campaigns and programs, which are working to tackle the root of the plastic pollution crisis, so that we can make clean ups obsolete!

In 2016 we hosted, collaborated on, and organized 24 beach clean up events in Pacific Rim! In 2017 we hosted 44 days of beach cleans and events! These clean ups attracted over 500 volunteers each year, and we have collected over 20 tones of debris from our coastlines! Over 70% of the debris we collect is marine debris (debris that’s washed in from the ocean) and over 70% of that is a form of plastic. Partnering with The Ocean Legacy Foundation diverts this waste away from landfill and into new resources.

With your help and stoke to protect what we love, we can keep our coastlines free from trash, and have fun on the beach with other volunteers!

View our Events Calendar to see when the next Love Your Beach Clean event is.

We are always looking for more volunteers at our beach clean ups. Whether you want to lead your own beach clean, help organize an existing one, or simply come along and collect trash with everyone else, get in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, we would love to have you help out.

If you are thinking of hosting an event on the beach here on the Pacific Rim, and would like Surfrider to attend, you can get in touch with Chapter Manager. We would love to help you make your event plastic waste free!

You can download the official LYBC annual planner for your fridge! And if you love your beach clean, share it! Be sure to hashtag your photographs #LYBC!


See what we found on our latest beach clean!

Our beach cleans are really adding up! You can find our most recent cleans below. You can also check out the Trash Trend Summary for a snapshot of our top trash culprits.


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